Why is my HP printer not connecting to WiFi?

HP printer problems are quite common and can be solved using various sources like HP Manual, HP Official website, HP Support page, and other sites references. There are common problems that can delay or stop the printing work on the HP printer. Don’t get irritated with those troubles- Relax and find a solution using the given step-wise instructions and headings.

Verify the Basic connections

  1. Look whether the Printer to system connections and connecting cables are properly connected.
  2. Eventually, unplug the power cords from the respective ports and try to plug in again after a few seconds.
  3. Now, start the print work.

Clear the print queues

  1. Tap on the start button and move to the control panel settings.
  2. Choose devices and printers and locate your HP printer model in it.
  3. Right-click on your HP printer and tap on the “Set as default” button.
  4. Click yes to confirm and reboot your HP printer and the PC.

Look for ghosting errors during printing

  1. The outdoor temperature may affect the toner powder to clump. Try to place the printer setup at the dry place.
  2. Try to clean the Printer regularly.
  3. Check the Fuser unit and look for the temperature.
  4. Then, use the paper adjustment settings and modify the needs. Later, try to repair or replace the drum unit.

Set as Printer Default or update the firmware

  1. Use the system settings and get the Printer to the default option.
  2. Use the Run command and device manager option to get the System Firmware option.
  3. Use the printer driver tab and pick the update driver option. Carry out the given instructions and wait till the update finishes.

Check the Hardware

  1. Virtually look at the printer parts for any physical damage or defects on the printer components.
  2. Call the service representative to inspect the printer parts and immediately sort out the Printer’s hardware problems.
  3. Try to replace or repair the Printer’s hardware using the 123 HP Service option.
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