How do I install HP smart on my desktop?

Downloading and using the HP Smart app will make sure the HP printer is easily accessed without any hassle. Once the HP Smart app is downloaded printer, scanning, copying and sharing files can be completed directly without any hassle. Follow the instructions given below to assist in the process of downloading, installation and setting up the HP Smart app. The steps will include details to download the application on a Windows and a Mac device.

  1. Power up the device and the HP printer.
  2. Ensure there is an active connection.
  3. The printer and the wireless connection should be connected to the same wireless network.
  4. With the Mac and the Windows device powered up, open the app store based on the operating system.
  5. In the search areas, enter the details of the app – HP Smart.
  6. In a few seconds, the HP smart app will show up on the screen.
  7. Click ‘Get’ or ‘Download’ for the download process to initiate.
  8. Following this, install the app and give it access and permissions wherever necessary.

After the installation is complete the HP Smart app has to be set up. Follow the steps to provide assistance in the next step to set up the HP Smart app.

  1. Open the app after it has been installed.
  2. The HP Smart app will prompt the user to Sign in to an existing HP account.
  3. If this is the first time, then Register with HP and log in.
  4. In the next step, the HP printer will have to be connected to the app.
  5. On opening the HP smart app, locate the + icon.
  6. This will allow the user to connect the printer to the HP Smartt app.
  7. On clicking the + icon, the list of HP printers will appear on the screen.
  8. Choose the desired HP printer and add it to the HP Smart app.

With this, the HP printer is connected to the device through the HP smart app. The HP Smart app can be downloaded on other devices as well. Downloading the HP smart app on a smartphone makes printing without a computer more accessible as well. Scanned files can be accessed to the app directly without having to use an HP scan driver.

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