How to print from iPhone and iPad:

Want assistance to print using an iPad and iPhone? Continue with this blog to get the crystal-clear set of instructions for your problem-free setup. Prior, you need to ensure with the printer that you going to connect with is available with AirPrint features or not. For that, you need to access the Official page of the printer’s brand.If Luckily, your printer is enabled with AirPrint features, you have an important note to know about the printing through iPhone and iPad- these both are not supported with a wired connection, it’s absolutely wireless capable.

Note: The connected device must consist of its driver software and the latest printer software.

  1. Decide whether you are going to print using the iPhone or iPad. You will get a similar set of procedures to bring the best out of.
  2. The only difference is you will find the Share button’s look. It may vary depending upon the mode you choose among Portrait and Landscape. Start the printer setup using the protected and sturdy network configuration.
  3. Then, share the printer’s network to the individual iPhone or iPad you have chosen.
  4. Open the respective device and select the document or file to be printed.
  5. Hit the Share button (square with navigation up-arrow).
  6. If at all you don’t find the Share button on the application which is running, you can tap on the screen and wait for the next screen or screenshot (use side button +volume up). Then, carry out using the photos application.
  7. Confirm with the Share command/button and swipe down to select the Print option.
  8. Wait for your desired printer name to be scanned after assigning the print job using the print option.
  9. Once you find your printer name click on it.
  10. Finally, move to the top-right corner and select the Print option.
  11. Now, to enable the AirPrint features, you may redirect to the iOS.
  12. Further, use the Share button and start the print work effortlessly.

Without AirPrint:

  1. You need to download the required printer’s exclusive application and run using the desired printer.
  2. Then, redirect to the application by selecting the required document to be printed.
  3. You need a proper Local network to connect and proceed next.
  4. Hit the Wi-Fi-related button on the printer and proceed using Settings>Wi-Fi.
  5. You will get the list of nearby printers’ names to select with.
  6. Select your desired printer model and start printing effortlessly.

Other Third-party Software to print:

  1. Even iPhones and iPad have various Third-party software to access the print work. The most repeated software on markets are Printopia & Printer Pro by readdle.
  2. You can get instant support for email and other Bluetooth connectivity to perform print work.
  3. The major advantage of this email registration is that you can access print, even when you are away from the printer using the relevant application.

Select your desired printer from the printer procedure and complete the print effectively.

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