How to Reset the HP Printer

HP Printer reset option is letting the printer access freshly. If you reset your respective HP Printer device, you can function the printer without any problem. Use the HP Official page or HP Manual support to reset the corresponding printer setup. Additionally, you can achieve a reset procedure using the control panel settings or Hardware changes.

Follow the given steps to restart the entire printer device: By Hardware reset procedure.

  • Once the Printer setup is ready, turn on using the stable power.
  • Suppose the USB cables are connected to the printer. Then, disconnect it.
  • Now, open the printer access cover at the top. Use the HP manual for a description of the printer and locate the printer access cover.
  • Now, remove the ink cartridges that were installed in the carriage. Wait till the printer display shows ink cartridges pop-message. Then, carefully remove all the power cords connected to the printer setup. Later, provide direct supply from the printer backside to the electric socket.
  • Now, use the power button to get the respective HP Printer to an active state.
  • Now, insert the unplugged ink cartridges into the appropriate slots.
  • Finally, reconnect the unplugged USB cables respectively.
  • Now, the Reset procedure is done on your desired HP Printer.
  • Do the test print and ensure the printer functionality & stability.

Reset procedure using the Settings option: By Soft Reset method

  • Initially, turn on the printer by pressing the power button.
  • Utilize the OK/ Setup button on the printer control panel to choose the Service option.
  • On the resultant service page, select the Restore Default option.
  • Scroll through the options related to resetting the printer.
  • Tap to the reset option and wait till the reset procedure completes automatically.
  • Use the default settings given in the HP Manual and configure the printer settings to replace the trashed customized settings.
  • Alternate method: Use the system- driver saved file and right-click to get the uninstall option.
  • If you find any printer-related files, mark/select all and delete them.
  • Further, you need to restart the system to proceed further.
  • Now enter the Official HP page using the web search.
  • Find the latest driver software that suits the system OS.
  • Using the Drop-down list, choose the desired HP Printer driver and download it to the system.
  • Use the saved folder on the system and open the file to install it.
  • Use the on-screen prompts to complete the HP Printer driver installation.
  • Finally, add the printer to the Software and start the print work freshly.

HP Deskjet 2755e Wireless setup

  • Once you made the printer setup and Driver setup using the HP Manual & Official HP page reference, initiate the wireless setup process.
  •  For the phenomenal wireless setup, try to acquire the best network support without any fluctuations.
  • Use the Setup option via printer control panel setup settings and start the wireless setup from there.
  • Get instantly connected with the Network or wireless network menu using the next screen. Continue with the provided wireless setup wizard instructions and look at the printer for stable flash-light.
  •  Make the right sorting using the printer network settings with the proper network details like Network name & password, and SSID to the given field.
  • Verify whether the Wi-Fi setup using the wireless network settings prominent and stable.
  • Drag the router nearby the HP Deskjet 2755e printer setup for better access and problem-free setup.
  • Use the Print option using the HP Deskjet 2755e wireless setup for the colorful print work.

HP Deskjet 2755e Troubleshoot- Won’t connect the Wi-Fi

  • Simply look at the printer hardware and other printer configuration & connection first.
  • For the flawless Wi-Fi setup, drag the printer setup near the router or vice versa.
  • Then, make use of the Setup option fusing the Network menu> wireless setup wizard option.
  • Remind the user network name and password and type them into the allotted field.
  • Ensure the proper WEP and WPA passwords and specify them for the HP Deskjet 2755e Wi-Fi setup procedure.
  • Troubleshoot using the setup using the wireless setup wizard instructions and preferences options.
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