HP Deskjet 2721 All‑in‑One Printer showing as offline

HP printers often have offline troubleshooting problems. Follow the guidelines below to fix the HP Deskjet 2721 printer offline problems.

Check the Printer and Network Connection

When the HP Deskjet printer goes offline, check for the printer network connection. If the printer stays disconnected from the Wi-fi network, connect it back to the wi-fi. Do check for the printer cables and cord connecting the printer and the power socket.

Printer Offline setting

  1. Make sure that the printer is not on offline mode. In case the printer goes Offline, bring it back to printing mode for uninterrupted printing.
  2. Open the Printer & Scanner tab from the printer device. From this, open the Queue tab to check if the printer is in offline mode.

Check the Printer Setting

Verify if the printer is made the default printer in the setting. Open the Setting menu and ensure that the printer is still the default printer of the device. If not, change the HP Deskjet 2721 printer to the default one.

Cords Connectivity issue

Ensure that all the cords and cable are connected firmly, no loose ends are left. Check for the USB cable if it stays connected to the printer.

Paper jam in Paper Tray

Open the paper tray of the printer and check if there is no paper stuck while printing. If so, remove the paper jam manually and load paper in the tray and resume the printing job.

Printer Driver Software

Download the updated printer driver from the HP Official website for the newest version of the software. In case an outdated version of the software is installed could also result in an offline issue.

These should resolve the HP Deskjet printer offline problems. If not, get HP Technical support services from the HP website.

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