HP Deskjet 2723e printer won’t print

Irritated to the hindrance regarding- Printer won’t print issue?

Calm-down and proceed using the given instructions and a bunch of topics regarding the resolution for the printer issues. Don’t skip the given instructions for the best troubleshooting procedure and handlings.

Check the HP Deskjet 2723e printer error light

  1. Get near the printer control panel and check for any blinks or warning error lights indications.
  2. You may not be much familiar with the printer error lights and their error type.
  3. To ensure the printer’s appropriate error, use the Official page – hp.com/123 of the respective printer and find the error type.
  4. Or else download the PDF of the error and its code reference for your support.
  5. Once, try to turn off and on the HP Deksjet 2723e printer setup to avoid the simple troubleshoot issue.

Clear the Print Queue

  1. The history of print queues results in jamming of documents that may lead to an unable printing issue.
  2. Use the windows notification to get the printer icon. Just right-click to the printer icon and choose the Open all printers option.
  3. Now, the currently stored printer queues will be displayed.
  4. If it is a macOS, use the System Preferences > Printers & Scanners > Open Print Queue.
  5. Then, right-click the HP Deskjet 2723e printer name and clear all the existing queues that are jammed.

Alternate method

  1. You can also use the Run command by using the Windows+R key.
  2. Use the Run as administrator option and select the Print Spooler option from the list.
  3. Use the Restart print spooler option.

Make sure you have the right HP Deskjet 2723e printer

  1. In case you have added multiple printers to the system connected, may lead to this type of error.
  2. Usually, the printer may get confused while sending the print job to the right-printer.
  3. Make use of the File >Print option while trying to print.
  4. From the list of printer names added to the system. Select the desired one.
  5. Connect the correct printer for the print job.

Solidify the connection

  1. It is the part of the troubleshooting, which may sound silly.
  2. Make sure the USB cables are appropriate to their respective ports.
  3. Ensure the other connectives and their ports for the efficient and problem-free setup process.
  4. Unplug the connecting wires/USB cables and wait for some time.
  5. Use the Manual guide and arrange the printer setup to plug them again.

Install the Drivers & Software

  1. Connect through the Official page- hp.com/123 of the printer and try to link through the driver download page using the printer keys.
  2. Then, use the download the driver option and pick the compatible printer driver for download.
  3. Further, use the on-screen wizard guidelines to start the installation process.
  4. Always, choose the software that suits the system and compatible OS.
  5. Use the below steps to add the printer.

Add the HP Deskjet 2723e printer

  1. On the active system, use the settings option.
  2. Then, Settings > Devices > Printers & Scanners and tap the Add a Printer or Scanner button.
  3. Use the list of driver names scanned and add the printer using the add printer option.
  4. If it is a Mac device, use the System Preferences > Printers & Scanners option.
  5. Hit the Plus sign to add the printer you need.
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