HP envy 6020e Troubleshooting

HP Envy 6020e printer is an efficient printer model for the spontaneous printing process. This HP Envy 6020e printer is most effective in easy handling and operating. During printing, you will undergo certain technical issues, which can be unfolded easily using simple steps and procedures. Here, a list of issues facing frequently the HP Envy 6020e Printer model.

 1. Paper Queue.

 2. Connectivity error.

 3. Prolonged Wi-Fi printing

 4. Paper jams.

 5. Low ink issues.

HP Envy 6020e Printer Offline Problem

  1. First, reboot your HP Envy 6020e printer and computer, respectively.
  2. Have a look at the wireless router and turn it off and ON instantly.
  3. Confirm the connectivity of the HP Envy 6020e printer for offline or online mode.
  4. Yet, HP Envy 6020e in offline mode, move on with further steps to overcome the issues.
  5. Connect with the printer name shown on the display using the device and printer option.
  6. Now, right-click on the HP Envy 6020e Printer name and click the online mode option.
  7. Finally, the HP Envy 6020e printer is connected online.

HP Envy 6020e won’t connect to Wi-Fi

  1. Initially, look at the basic connections, like turning on both your device and HP Envy 6020e printer respectively.
  2. If not, reconnect the devices by turning them off and on instantly.
  3. Just peep out the main paper tray and other HP Envy 6020e printer connections.
  4. Reconfigure your network and other security settings by including your HP Envy 6020e Printer to it.
  5. Using the first-time printer setup option, click wireless network and other printer setups like loading paper into the tray, installing ink cartridge properly.
  6. Install the printer software, if prompt, select your HP Envy 6020e printer and connect it.

HP Envy 6020e driver unavailable:

  1. First, connect your HP Envy 6020e Printer and your system properly by switching it on.
  2. Click control panel settings, choose user account, and select your desired account.
  3. In the top right corner of the control panel, click the device manager option.
  4. Choose the Device and printer option on your control panel, and get connected with your HP Officejet 8012e printer, if prompt remove and add it again.
  5. Now, reinstall your HP Envy 6020e printer drivers or else update your default driver.
  6. Once you completed the driver update, enjoy the features of printing through HP Officejet 8012e Printer.

HP Envy 6020e Printer won’t Scan

  1. On HP Envy 6020e printer off and on to fix the scanning and printing issues.
  2. Try to restart your HP Envy 6020e Printer, the scanner configuration parameters get reinitialized.
  3. Further, turn off HP Envy 6020e printer and unplug the cable connection safely.
  4. Now, reset your HP Envy 6020e printer by plugging it in and off simultaneously using the printer and scanner option.
  5. Finally, connect your HP Envy 6020e printer to the scanner.

HP Envy 6020e error messages

  1. Look at the basic connections on your HP Envy 6020e printer and system.
  2. If the printer shows error messages, try to check your HP Envy 6020e printer paper tray and other components.
  3. Make sure, your HP Envy 6020e printer is turned on and well-connected with your other portables.
  4. Check the low ink issues and other paper queues in the main paper tray.
  5. Finally, clear the paper jam errors.
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