HP Envy 6055 Troubleshooting

The HP Envy 6055 printer is a super printer for the printing purpose. However, while using HP Envy 6055 printer, you might face certain problems. No problem. You can fix the printer without any hassle. Here are the methods for HP Envy 6055 troubleshooting.
•    Paper mismatch error
•    Print job stuck in queue
•    Scan quality
•    Printer not printing
•    Connection error

HP Envy 6055 printer is offline Error

If the HP Envy 6055 printer is not responding, implement the below steps:

  1. Initially, reboot the HP Envy 6055 printer and the computer.
  2. Power off the wireless router and ON it again.
  3. Then, check whether the HP 6055 printer is offline or online.
  4. If the HP 6055 is still in offline mode, then move on to the next step.
  5. Choose the Devices and Printers option; the printer name shown on the device screen.
  6. Now, right-click on the HP 6055 printer name and go for the Use Printer Online option.
  7. Finally, the printer will turn into online mode.

HP Envy 6055 Printer isn't available

If the HP Envy 6055 printer is unavailable, follow the below-listed procedure:

  1. Deactivate the wireless router and printer.
  2. Remove all the USB cable connections from them.
  3. Then, Off the Android phone.
  4. After that, ON the router, printer, and device.
  5. Go to the wireless setup wizard of the printer from the Network Setup menu.
  6. Choose your network and provide its password to complete the process.
  7. Go to the phone settings, choose – Connected devices, and select – Printing.
  8. Check and confirm that the HP Print Service status is ON.
  9. Choose Apps from the settings menu, click More, and select- Show System Apps.
  10. Select the option- Print Spooler and touch the option- Force Stop or Clear Data.
  11. Finally, restart the mobile phone.

HP Easy Start Software Installation Fails (Mac)

  1. Ensure that the wireless router and printer are in perfect condition.
  2. ON the HP printer, access its wireless settings and ensure that the wireless signal is ON.
  3. Then, confirm the light in the wireless icon is either steady for flashing or ON.
  4. ON the Mac device and choose the network icon to know the network name and status.
  5. Remove all the VPNs before the printer software installation.
  6. Install the printer software on the device again.

If the installation fails, then contact our customer executive for more guidance.

Unsuccessful Network Installation error (Windows)

  1. Power off the computer, router, and printer.
  2. Disconnect the USB cord from the printer, wireless router, and computer.
  3. Switch on the computer, printer, and wireless router.
  4. Remove the connection between printer and computer.
  5. Open the option- Add or remove programs on your device.
  6. Choose the HP Envy 6055 printer name and select- Uninstall.
  7. Continue and move on to the device control panel.
  8. Choose the option- Devices and Printers and right-click on the printer icon.
  9. Select- Uninstall Device or Remove Device and download HP Print and Scan Doctor.
  10. Install HP Print and Scan Doctor and choose the Start option to select your HP printer.

HP Envy 6055 printer not found during driver setup


  1. Download HP Print and Scan Doctor on the windows computer.
  2. Install HP Print and Scan Doctor using the instructions on the wizard.
  3. Click the Start option to choose your printer name and finish the process.
  4. Unplug the USB cord from the HP Envy 6055 printer.
  5. Then, choose- Add or remove programs.
  6. You will see your printer name, click on it, and choose- Uninstall.
  7. Uninstall the software using the wizard instructions and restart the device.
  8. Download the updated print driver and install it on the device.


  1. Download HP Easy Start and install it on the device.
  2. After that, open the software and choose the HP Easy Start drop-down menu
  3. Select the option- Uninstall HP Software.
  4. Use the wizard steps to uninstall the HP software.
  5. Choose the Apple icon, go to System Preferences, and select- Printers & Scanners.
  6. Select the Plus icon and choose your HP printer from the given list.
  7. Then, choose the Print Using field and click on the drop-down menu.
  8. Choose AirPrint and Select the Add option.

Blue Screen Error or Flashing Lights while Connecting to Wireless Network (Windows)

  1. Check and confirm that the router firmware is of the updated version.
  2. Search and open Command Prompt on the windows.
  3. Now on the wizard, type- ipconfig and continue.
  4. Search for the wireless LAN settings and continue.
  5. Off the wireless router and restart the HP Envy 6055 printer.
  6. Choose the wireless icon on the printer panel and go to the settings icon.
  7. Tap the Restore Network Default setting and continue.

For additional details on this, make a call to our tech support team.

Wireless connection is lost after router or network settings change

  1. Ensure that the position of the router and printer are close to each other.
  2. Check and confirm that the printer paper tray has suitable sheets.
  3. Switch on the printer and choose Restore Network Defaults from the Restore Settings menu.
  4. Get the name and password of the network.
  5. Choose the wireless settings from network setup and select your Wi-Fi name.
  6. Provide the Wi-Fi password and finish the process.

Still, if the wireless connection is not there, contact our experts.

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