HP Envy 6455e Troubleshooting

HP Envy 6455e printer is good for print, scan, copy, and fax purposes. It supports a wireless method to connect with Windows and Mac devices.  However, sometimes you might face issues with the Envy 6455e printer. The issues include printer offline, not connecting to Wi-Fi network, driver unavailable, showing error messages, etc. These problems can easily be troubleshoot with a set of instructions.

Here we are explaining the HP Envy 6455e Troubleshooting steps to solve HP printer problems:

hp envy 6455e printer offline problem

HP Envy 6455e Printer Offline Problem

The steps to solve the HP Envy 6455e Printer Offline problem are:

  1. Off the Envy printer and remove the USB cable from it.
  2. Connect the printer to the wall port with a power cable.
  3. Restart the HP printer and move on to the computer. 
  4. Delete the printer driver from the device. 
  5. Then, remove the HP Envy 6455e printer from the computer. 
  6. Download and install HP Smart App on the device. 
  7. Add the Envy printer to the app and finish the process. 
  8. If the HP Envy 6455e printer is still offline, Reinstall the envy 6455e driver again.

If the HP envy 6455e printer is still offline, then contact our experts. 

HP Envy 6455e won't connect to wifi

The general procedure to fix the Wi-Fi problem is:
  1. Ensure that the wireless router is near to HP Envy 6455e printer.
  2. Then, confirm that the printer paper tray contains suitable sheets.
  3. On the HP Envy 6455e printer panel and choose Wireless settings.
  4. Go for Restore Default Settings and get the wireless network name and password.
  5. Now, access the Wireless Setup Wizard from the Network setup menu.
  6. Choose the device option.
  7. Enter Wi-fi password and select continue.
  8. Finally, finish the ongoing process using the on-screen steps.

HP Envy 6455e driver unavailable

Solve the printer driver unavailable problem with the following steps:

  1. Download HP Easy Start on the Windows/Mac computer.
  2. Install the downloaded software as per the wizard steps.
  3. Open the software and choose the given option- Scan now.
  4. Now, select the Update option shown in the front of the printer driver.
  5. Power off the HP printer, Mac/Windows computer, and Wi-Fi router.
  6. Activate the Wi-Fi router after some time.
  7. Power up the HP Envy6455e printer and computer.
  8. Finally, ensure that the HP printer software is uninstalled.

If you need any extra information regarding this, contact our team.

Fix HP Envy 6455e Printer won’t scan

Sometimes you might come across this problem with the HP Envy 6455e printer. However, fixing HP Envy 6455e error messages is not so difficult. The problem can be easily fixed with a specific set of instructions. The basic instructions for solving this printer problem are:

  1. Power up the Envy6455e printer and remove the power cable from it.
  2. Unplug the power cord from the wall socket and wait for some time.
  3. After that, make a connection between the wall socket and the printer with a USB cable.
  4. Power up the HP Envy 6455e printer and wait until the printer configures.
  5. Finally, check to have no error messages.
  6. In case the E0 flashing error indicates an unusable cartridge.
  7. Remove the ink cartridges and reset the Envy 6455e printer.

Still, you see the error message on the Envy 6455e printer, call our team.

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