HP Envy photo 7858 Setup

The HP Envy Photo 7855 setup consists of several processes. It begins with removing the packing materials from the printer and finishes with taking a sample print to confirm everything is fine. For the first-time HP Envy 7855 printer setup, some things are essential. It includes a set of compatible sheets, USB cord, ink cartridges, driver, and stable Wi-Fi.

123 hp envy photo 7858 setup and wireless setup

HP Envy photo 7858 Setup on Mac

The general steps for setting up HP 7858 printer on Mac OS are:

  1. Remove the coverings from the HP printer.
  2. Keep the printer close to a power port.
  3. Take a USB cord from the cover and ensure that it has no damage.
  4. Now, use the same USB cord to connect the printer and power port.
  5. After that, activate the power port and ON the printer.
  6. Move on to your Mac computer and power it up.
  7. Now, you will see an Apple symbol, click on it and go to System Preferences.
  8. Click on the shown option- Printers and Scanners option and select the plus icon.
  9. Select the HP Envy 7858 name and move on to the Use menu.
  10. Then, select the AirPrint option and click on the Add button to complete the 123.hp.com/setup 7858.

HP Envy photo 7858 Setup on windows

The basic procedure for HP Envy Photo 7858 setup on Windows is:

  1. Switch ON the Windows OS and choose the Change device installation settings.
  2. Proceed with the on-screen steps and place the router close to the HP printer.
  3. Turn ON the new HP Envy photo 7858 and choose the Setup menu.
  4. Select the network setup option.
  5. Choose the wireless setup option and tap on your device network name.
  6. Proceed with the wizard steps and provide the password when the screen asks.
  7. Complete the process and power up the windows device.
  8. Click on the Add a Printer or Scanner option.
  9. Select your HP Envy Printer name and click on the Add button.
  10. Follow the on-screen steps and finish the HP Envy photo 7858 setups on windows.

HP Envy photo 7858 wireless setup

The steps for setting up Wi-Fi network on HP Envy Photo 7858 printer are:

  1. Switch on the HP 7858 printer and go to the printer panel.
  2. Select the Setup option and choose the network menu.
  3. Choose the wireless setup option and select your preferred network name.
  4. Proceed with the wizard instructions and enter the passcode when the wizard asks.
  5. Move on with the wizard steps and complete the wireless setup option.
  6. Open a document and choose the Print option.
  7. Take a test print to confirm HP Envy Photo 7858 wireless setup.

HP Envy photo 7858 Setup for Smartphone

The general procedure for HP Envy Photo 7858 setup on Smartphone is:

  1. Check and confirm to have a secure Wi-Fi network on the smartphone.
  2. Then, make sure that your printer is in connection with the device’s Wi-Fi.
  3. Save the HP Print Service Plugin RAR file on the smartphone.
  4. Run the RAR file on the smartphone and install it with wizard steps.
  5. Open the HP Print Service Plugin and select the menu option.
  6. Choose the Print option and click on the Preview button.
  7. Now, click the preferred HP printer name and make changes in its settings.
  8. Select the Print option and get a sample print.

HP Envy photo 7858 Wi-Fi Protected Setup - WPS

The steps to connect the printer and device using Wi-Fi protected setup are:

  1. To begin with, ensure that the 123.hp.com/setup 7858 printer and wireless router are nearby.
  2. Power up the printer and choose the option displayed on the panel- Setup.
  3. Select the network menu and access the wireless setup option.
  4. Choose the given option- Push a button and click- Start.
  5. Now, press the button- wireless of the Envy printer for a few minutes.
  6. After that, press the router Wi-Fi button till you see the light stops flashing.
  7. Finally, the HP Envy Photo 7858 WPS setup process completes.

HP Envy Photo 7858 Mobile Printing

With HP Envy Photo 7858 printer, you can enjoy printing from mobile devices. However, for this, install AirPrint, as well as HP ePrint on the device. After installation, you can enjoy high-quality printing via mobile devices with HP 7858 printer.

HP Envy Photo 7858 ePrint Setup

  1. Switch on the HP Envy Photo 7858 printer and go to its panel.
  2. Click on the Setup button on the printer panel and touch- network setup menu.
  3. Then, tap the wireless setup wizard and allow the feature “Web Services.”
  4. Move on with the on-screen steps to select the Web Services menu.
  5. Copy the mail address of the HP 7858 printer.
  6. Lastly, email the document to your HP printer mail ID.

HP Envy Photo 7858 Airprint Setup

  1. Power up your 123.hp.com/setup 7858 printer and choose – Setup.
  2. Tap on the wireless setup menu and select – Wireless Direct.
  3. Then, link the Mac device to the Envy Photo printer and Access the Mac device.
  4. Select the Apple icon & move on to the System Preferences section.
  5. Click on the displayed option- Print & Scan.
  6. Allow the AirPrint feature and complete the AirPrint setup process.

How to Print Photos on HP Envy 7858?

  1. Place the 123.hp.com/setup 7858 paper tray with a set of suitable sheets.
  2. Ensure that the HP printer and Windows/Mac devices are properly connected.
  3. Go to the photo, which you need to print.
  4. Access the same photo with the option- Windows Photo Viewer.
  5. Then, choose the displayed File option and click Print.
  6. Go to document properties and make necessary changes in the print configurations.
  7. Continue and finish the photo printing process with the wizard procedure.

How to Scan on HP Envy Photo 7858?

  1. Make sure that your HP Envy Photo 7858 and device are in connection with the Wi-Fi router.
  2. Download the compatible version HP Envy photo 7858 driver on the computer.
  3. Keep the file on the scanner glass of the HP printer and select- Start.
  4. Select your Envy Photo printer name and choose the button- Scan.
  5. Now, choose the Scan a Document or Photo option.
  6. Adjust the settings- scan and begin the scanning process by choosing - Scan.

How to Fax on HP Envy Photo 7858?

  1. Power up the 123.hp.com/setup 7858 printer and go to its scanner glass.
  2. Place the main file on the scanner glass and go to the input paper tray.
  3. Ensure that the sheets in the paper tray are compatible.
  4. Now, enter the number (fax) of the recipient and change the fax settings.
  5. Finally, send the fax.

How to Copy on HP Envy 7858?

  1. Turn on the 123.hp.com/setup 7858 printer and access the Automatic Document Feeder.
  2. Keep the original file on the document feeder.
  3. Select – Copy and adjust the copy settings as per your requirements.
  4. Choose- Start and finish the copy process with the on-screen steps. 

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