HP Officejet Pro 6978 all in one printer won't print

  • Initially, connect through the Quality Diagnostic Report option and test print using the printer control panel.
  • Utilize the printer settings and move with the ink cartridge settings to look at the ink cartridges’ ink levels– replace or refill with the help of HP Premium quality ink cartridges.
replace the hp ink
  • First, look at the ink cartridges carriage and verify the colors in the slots to place the ink cartridges appropriately to the slots.
  • The ink cartridge protective vent may get blocked if it’s a first-time ink cartridge installation setup.
  • When the ink cartridge gets clogged, the printer may not print.
  • Inspect the ink cartridges more often to record the ink cartridge levels and new ink cartridge requirements.
  • Try to place the new ink cartridges into the respective slots to avoid trouble.
  • Now, try out the print work using the Print option. If not printing, move with the below steps to tackle printer problems.
  • Use the automatic method from the printer settings to clean the print head, and eventually, you can try on the Manual method.
  • For the Manual method, you need to take the cotton balls or swabs/ distilled water to clean the print head carefully.
  • Don’t touch the print head and ink cartridge contact area while cleaning.
  • Proceed using Maintenance menu > Automated print head cleaning from the HP Officejet Pro 6978 printer.
  • Connect through the Run option to start the cleaning procedure with simple steps.
  • Use the system settings and uninstall or remove the printer driver from the device.
printer adding
  • Connect via the Official page of HP to enter the printer keys-HP Officejet Pro 6978 driver software.
  • Download and install using the wizard screen support. Then, add the printer and perform print work.
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