Why is my HP Printer not printing?

HP Printer not printing is the usual error on every printer at certain time of the function. Make use of the HP Official page and ensure with the HP printer error concerning your printer keys on the search tab and wait for the support page or Troubleshoot page.

Or else, simply download & install the HP Print & Scan Doctor application and register the HP Printer to it for effortless printing access. Connect through the given steps and print using the active printer. Here, we have given for both Windows and Mac for your reference purposes.

For Windows:

  1. First, make sure the printer is connected properly to the appropriate compatible windows system.
  2. If not done, you will face this issue frequently and won’t be able to attempt the print work. For that, use the HP manual and arrange the printer setup properly.
  3. Check whether the ink cartridges are absolutely free from any clogs and other empty/low-level inks.
  4. Use the premium HP Ink cartridge for the perfect printing process and to stay away from this kind of printer not printing error.
  5. Then, ensure the driver software for any issues on your windows using the option- Devices >Printers & Scanners.
  6. Right-click to the desired printer once you have selected the desired Printer name from the list and check the printer status and driver needs.

For Mac:

  1. To begin the troubleshooting procedure, you need to ensure the Mac and printer connections for intact way.
  2. For else, you might get this error due to improper configuration setup.
  3. Then, open the ink cartridge and check for the ink levels and clogged print head issues.
  4. If seen, use the new premium ink cartridges to install it newly and try to remove the seen print head clogs using the Maintenance tab & Report.
  5. Open the Mac system and ensure whether the printer is installed properly. On the same note check the driver software details using the same options like Apple menu> System Preferences> Printers & Scanners> list of printers.
  6. Choose the desired HP printer and check the printer status by right-clicking & connecting to the drop-down options.

Restart once and attempt print work on both the windows and Mac system devices, once you have tried these above steps.

Still, you find the HP Printer not printing issues on your HP printer – Call Our Technical Team for instant support & service.

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