hp scanner not working

HP Scanner Not working

Scanner issues are majorly due to several reasons that can simply restrict the scanning work to hold on. To overcome this type of issue on your HP Printer module, you have to connect through the given below directives and try to complete the troubleshooting in no time.

Try to clean the scanner bed completely and start the scanning procedure using the quality paper sheets & ink cartridges support.

Table contains:

  1. Improper communication between the system & scanner.
  2. Error in configuring with the scanning device.
  3. Unable to connect or find the computer
  4. The system cannot be connected.
  5. Scan unavailable.
  6. Scanner inactive.
  7. Scan unsuccessful
  8. Unable to recognize the scanner
  9. Couldn’t connect to the scanner.

You can also expect this scan error for some software or other issues like:

  1. Improper connection
  2. Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) Services Disabled
  3. Outdated/Corrupted Scanner Driver
  4. Hardware Error
  5. Error in System Files

Yes, now we are familiar with the reasons for this type of scanner error- to avoid this, use the below steps to overcome the issues instantly.

What are the Solutions for HP Printer Scanner Not Working?

Utility/Automatic Fix

To start the scan error solutions, utilize the Scanner Utility Tool to diagnose and detect the problems on your printer and system. The Tool may vary according to the compatible system connected like windows and Mac systems.

Windows (HP Print & Scan Doctor)

  • Open the secured web source and search the https://support.hp.com/us-en/help/printscandoctor-scanning-problems#downloadModal
  • Instantly download the HP Print and Scan Doctor for Windows.
  • Further, you have to Run and start the installation procedure. (HPPSdr.exe).
  • Hit the start option to proceed next.
  • Now, prefer your printer’s name from the list shown.
  • If you are unable to detect your printer’s name, use the below steps:
    • Switch OFF the printer and ON it later.
    • Hit the Retry option.
    • Follow the directives given on the software guidelines, if you cannot access it yet.
  • Now, the software will start to scan the printer problems.
  • After finding the issues on your printer, hit the Fix Scanning.

Mac (HP Smart App)

  • On your active Mac, open the Apple-supported web page and visit the 123.hp.com.
  • Then, you have to download the HP Smart App.
  • Ensure whether the system & Printer are within the range of the active WiFi router.
  • If you suspect your printer is connected to the internet using the Ethernet cable, remove and try to connect them using your WiFi.
  • Switch ON the system’s Bluetooth to configure your scanner.
  • Instantly install the Application on your Mac system.
  • Further, you have to run the HP Smart App.
  • If you are an initial user, use the below steps on your MAC:
    • Log in using your HP account.
    • Choose the option- Add Printer/Scanner or sign.
    • From the list shown, pick your desired scanner/printer.
    • Almost done.
  • Try to prefer the option- Diagnose & Fix.
  • Prefer your required scanner/printer using the top menu bar.
  • Proceed Diagnose & Fix>Start.
  • Carry out the guidelines given and complete the procedure on Mac.

Yet, the scanner doesn’t work? Relax, scroll below and try that alternative manual method to resolve the scanner issues quickly.

Manual Diagnosis & Fix

Error in Connection – Yes, you can expect this Scanner not working for two main reasons like

  • Scanner – System
  • System – Network

Scanner – System

  • If your scanner is under the USB Cable.
  • Confirm the cables are free from any damages or defects.
  • Make sure you have dusted the dirt on the connection lines.
  • If your scanner is under the Bluetooth
  • Inspect your Bluetooth setting and ensure there are no issues with the connection.
  • Proceed with the troubleshooting issues using the Bluetooth Setting.
  • From the paired device list, try to remove the scanner name. Later add it again.

System – Network

  • Inspect whether the ethernet cables are free from basic issues.
  • Make sure the system is under the proper network or not.
  • Run the basic troubleshooting if not connected properly.

Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) Services Disabled

WIA lets the user to pair the scanning/printing devices to perform the basic graphic software, for the best handling. In order to use the scanner, these settings are to be enabled prior.

  • Open Run on your active system and type services.msc.
  • Tap the OK.
  • Connect through the service window and scroll below to find the option- Windows Image Acquisition (WIA).
  • Now, double-tap and get the drop-down pop-up alert.
    • Put the Start-up Type to Automatic.
    • Make sure the Service Status is Running (active).
  • If it is active, use the Stop.
  • Now, hit the Start option and restart
  • Finalize with Apply OK.
  • Pick your required one by double-tapping it.
  • Make sure the Start-up Type Service Status are under the Automatic Running as previously done to the WIA.
  • Now, you have to save the done settings.
  • Finally, restart and attempt the scanning work to ensure the scanner’s activeness.

Outdated/Corrupted Scanner Driver

The main transmitter to convey the instructions/ command is an active driver, in that way- the driver must be updated or must be under new to avoid these scanning issues.

  • Initially, you have to visit the https://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/printers
  • Feed the required scanner name & model on the search tab and hit Submit.
  • Find your desired latest driver OS.
  • Utilize the Download option and download all the drivers needed.
  • Try to Run the driver and carry out the installation as per the instructions given in the setup.
  • Finally, Restart and attempt the scanning work.

Hardware Error

Hardware damage is the main reason for many issues generally. Virtually inspect your devices before initiating the scanning process.

  • Tap on the Windows Search Bar.
  • Enter the cmd.
  • Hit the Run as Administrator, below Command Prompt.
  • Utilize the command prompts and mention the – msdt.exe -id DeviceDiagnostic and give Enter.
  • You will be directed to the next page- Hardware & Devices. Here, give Next.
  • Fix the detected issues.

Error in System Files

Install or get your System Files Checker always in the active state to scan the file status, where, the corrupted file may also lead to this kind of issue.

  • Initially, choose the Windows Search Bar and mention cmd.
  • Choose the Run as Administrator just below the command Prompt icon.
  • Now, correctly type the sfc /scannow and give Enter.


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