HP Smart Tank 7001

HP Smart Tank 7001 is an ultra-portable printer, which provides outstanding quality printing on documents/Photos. It is also designed with a high-capacity ink tank to enhance workability. It came out with the high-speed printing feature. It undergoes functions on the Print, Copy, Scan, ADF, Duplex, and Wireless features in no time. Furthermore, it functions with automatic double-sided printing. Follow the complete HP Smart tank 7001 SetupDriver installWireless setup, and WPS setup.

HP Smart Tank 7001 Setup

  1. Peel out all the tapes on the new HP printer.
  2. Fix the HP printer on a flat surface and initiate HP Smart Tank 7001 setup on windows/Mac computer.
  3. Slot the needed ink cartridge into the given field.
  4. Provide essential sheets of paper into the Main paper input tray.
  5. Connect the HP Smart Tank 7001 printer and Windows/ Mac computer to the power.
  6. Start the function using a similar network connection to all the devices.
  7. Open the 123.hp.com website to download and install the HP Smart Tank 7001 Driver for Windows/Mac computers.
  8. At last, HP Smart Tank 7001 setup is completed with the printer setup. Now, start an efficient printing job.

hp smart tank 7001 setup

HP Smart Tank 7001 Driver Install

  1. Turn on the HP printer and Window/Mac device on connection. Give the same network connection to the devices connected.
  2. Select the driver and software option, using the driver download page on the web connection.
  3. Provide the Apple-User security password and a user ID during the download process.
  4. With the help of the Window/Mac extension, search the downloaded driver file on your compatible computer. Claim help from online guidelines during the installation.
  5. Now, add the HP printer from the list using add option. Finally, HP Smart Tank 7001 driver setup is well set to access Windows/Mac.

HP Smart Tank 7001 Wireless Setup

 Follow the given instructions to obtain the wireless setup:

  1. Initiate sturdy power and network connection to the HP Smart Tank 7001 printer and other connecting devices.
  2. Locate the router nearby the HP Printer setup.
  3. Use the same network type to connect all the devices. To get escape from the problematic access.
  4. On the HP Printer control panel, hold the wireless button till the printer shows a flashlight signal.
  5. Utilize the wireless wizard option and choose the HP Smart Tank 7001 printer from the printer’s name list.
  6. If the required printer is not seen, set it up manually using the proper keywords.
  7. Finally, the HP Smart Tank 7001 Wireless setup is completed.

HP Smart App for HP Smart Tank 7001

HP Smart App is an application on which you can connect wirelessly to the devices to access print, copy and scan features. It is easy to download from App-Store or Play-Store for your windows, Mac, and Smartphones.

  1. Open the App Store or web page, and provide HP Smart App.
  2. Look for the plus-sign on the HP Smart app home page to add the required HP printer to the HP Smart app function.
  3. Now, select the HP Printer from the printer’s name list.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions and add the HP Smart Tank 7001 printer to the connection.
  5. Finally, try to print using HP Smart Tank 7001 HP Smart app setup.
hp smart app download and install

HP Smart Tank 7001 WPS Setup

  1. Bring the active router to the HP Smart Tank 7001 printer and provide an active power supply.
  2. On the HP printer control panel, pick the setup option to begin the WPS setup.
  3. Choose the wireless setup option and quickly hold the push-button for a second.
  4. Use the start option and at the same stretch press and hold back the wireless button.
  5. Coming to the router, hold the Wi-Fi button. If apt, enter the WPS credentials to the allotted field.
  6. Finally, HP Smart Tank 7001 printer Wi-Fi Protected setup is completed successfully.

HP Smart Tank 7001 Wi-Fi Direct Setup

Wi-Fi direct setup is the progressive technology, which supports the users to access wirelessly without Wi-Fi access. No more complications, and use the push-button or Wi-Fi Direct option to perform the print, copy, scan, and much more. Utilize this feature from anywhere and anytime.

Windows 10

  1. Open Windows 10 system, type Wireless on the search feature tab.
  2. Look at the search result, then click the Manage wireless network option.
  3. Choose the Add option on the Manage wireless network setup page.
  4. Pick the Wi-Fi direct or Wi-Fi type name and instantly enter the passcode.
  5. If not available, enter the Wi-Fi Direct particulars manually with appropriate keywords.
  6. HP Smart Tank 7001 printer Wi-Fi Direct setup is completed using Windows computer on connection.


  1. Locate the router nearby the HP printer setup to stay away from a signal shortage.
  2. On the Main paper input tray, insert the required number of paper.
  3. Choose the Wireless icon on the Mac device and shortly on the HP printer with Wi-Fi direct option.
  4. Now, specify the Mac Wi-Fi direct password. If the credentials are needed.
  5. HP Smart tank 7001 printer setup is ready with Wi-Fi direct connection using a Mac computer.
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