HP Smart Tank 7301 Printer

HP Smart Tank 7301 is a productive Printer setup. From start to end, the printing technology works tremendously with high-ranking ink quality. It enables the users to access Print, Copy, Scan, ADF, Duplex, Wireless features in no time. Additionally, get supported with Hi-speed USB 2.0 connectivity. Follow the below steps for HP Smart tank 7301 printer setup, Driver download, wireless setup, wireless protected setup, and Troubleshooting.

HP Smart Tank 7301 Setup

  1. Unwrap all the packing stuff on the HP printer setup.
  2. Place the HP printer on an even surface and start the HP Smart Tank 7301 printer setup on windows and Mac, respectively.
  3. Fix the required ink cartridge into the provided field.
  4. On the Main paper input tray, load enough paper.
  5. Enable power connection on printer and Windows/ Mac system.
  6. Install the HP Smart Tank 7310 driver software using the CD Driver.
  7. Else download and install the HP Smart Tank 7310 driver for Windows/Mac from 123.hp.com.
  8. Connect the USB cable between the printer and the computer.
  9. Go to device manager on the computer, click on “Add printer and scanner.”
  10. Select the HP Smart tank 7301printer from the list.
  11. Finally, finish the HP Smart Tank 7301 setup. Now, start quality printing.

hp smart tank 7301 setup

HP Smart Tank 7301 Driver Install

  1. Switch on the HP printer and Window/Mac device on connection. Provide the same network connection to the devices connected.
  2. Go to the driver download page and download the desired driver. Click driver and software option.
  3. Enter the Apple-User security password and user ID. If prompt, during the download process.
  4. Find the downloaded driver OS using the specified extension regarding the Windows/Mac. Use the online instructions to install.
  5. Add the HP Smart Tank 7301 printer from the list using add option. HP Smart Tank 7301 driver is installed on Windows/Mac.

HP Smart Tank 7301 wireless setup

Use the given instructions to obtain the wireless setup:

  1. Switch ON the HP Smart Tank 7301 printer with solid power and network connection.
  2. Place the active router near the HP Printer setup.
  3. Get connected with a similar network. Further, to stay away from problematic access.
  4. Using the HP Printer control panel, hold the wireless button till the printer reacts through flash indication.
  5. Click on the wireless wizard option and select HP Smart Tank 7301 printer from the printer’s name list.
  6. If the desired printer is not available, connect through manual setup with proper keywords.
  7. Finally, the HP Smart Tank 7301 Wireless setup is ready to access.

HP Smart App for HP Smart Tank 7301

HP Smart App is an application through which the users can print wirelessly with a single-step procedure. Just download the HP Smart app from the App-store or Play-store.

  1. Open the App Store or web page, and enter HP Smart App.
  2. Click on the plus sign to add the desired printer to the HP Smart app using the application home page.
  3. Select the HP Smart Tank 7301 printer from the printer’s name list.
  4. Get support with on-screen instructions and add the HP Smart Tank 7301 printer to the connection.
  5. Print some sample work using HP Smart Tank 7301to complete the HP Smart app setup.

HP Smart Tank 7301 WPS Setup

  1. Always place the active router nearby HP Smart Tank 7301 printer to attain quality printing progress.
  2. On the HP printer control panel, choose the setup option.
  3. Further, select the wireless setup option and promptly hold the push button for a while.
  4. Choose the start option and at the same time press and hold back the wireless button.
  5. On the active router, hold the Wi-Fi button. If prompt, enter the WPS credentials to the required field.
  6. Finally, HP Smart Tank 7301 printer Wi-Fi Protected setup is done.

HP printer 7301 setups (Wi-Fi Direct)

Wi-Fi direct setup is the technology through which one can easily get connected without Wi-Fi access. Use the push-button or Wi-Fi Direct option to perform print, copy, scan, and so on. Just get associated with anywhere and anytime.

Windows 10

  1. Open Windows 10, enter Wireless on the search feature tab.
  2. Using the search result, click the Manage wireless network option.
  3. Select Add option on the Manage wireless network setup page.
  4. Select the desired Wi-Fi direct or Wi-Fi type name and specify the passcode.
  5. If not found, enter the direct Wi-Fi details manually.
  6. Now, HP Smart Tank 7301 printer Wi-Fi direct setup is ready to access on windows.


  1. Bring the router near the HP printer setup to access without any problem.
  2. On the Main paper input tray, place the required paper.
  3. Select the Wireless icon on the Mac and pick HP printer with Wi-Fi direct option.
  4. Specify your Mac Wi-Fi direct password if credentials are requested.
  5. Finally, HP Smart Tank 7301 printer Wi-Fi direct setup is completed using Mac.
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