HP Smart Tank 651 Printer

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    HP Smart Tank plus 651 Setup

    1. Unwrap the printer box and start peeling out the tapes.
    2. Locate the printer on the flat surface, to start the printer setup using a compatible device and router.
    3. If color is indicated on the ink cartridge slot, insert the ink cartridge/tank according to it.
    4. Adjust the paper width and load the required quality paper to it.
    5. On the printer setup, align the printer head properly to get efficient printing.
    6. Now, turn on the printer and other devices to power.
    7. Use the stable network connection to the corresponding devices.
    8. Reach the Official HP website and download the driver OS for Windows/Mac system.
    9. Ensure the downloaded driver is a new version.
    10. Test a printing page to ensure the HP Smart Tank Plus 651 printer setup.

    HP Smart Tank Plus 651 driver

    1. Initiate the HP printer setup for driver setup using the power connection on the HP printer and Window/Mac device. Utilize the standard network connection to all the devices.
    2. For Windows users, open any web browser and search 123.hp.com/st651.
    3. Download the Smart tank plus 651 HP Smart software from the Microsoft store.
    4. For Mac users, open any web browser and search 123.hp.com/setup 651.
    5. Download the HP Smart tank plus 651 Driver from the apple store.
    6.  Use the specific extensions to open the saved downloaded driver file.
    7. Install the driver file using the given on-screen guidelines.
    8. Click on the “Add option” to add the HP Smart Tank plus 651. Driver setup is all set on the connected HP Printer along with Windows/Mac connection.
    Note: On the Mc device, enter the Apple-User user ID and security password during the driver download process.

    HP Smart Tank Plus 651 wireless setup

    1. Look and proceed with the given steps for wireless setup.
    2. Ensure the connected printer setup devices are powered ON.
    3. Connect to the active and stable network connection.
    4. Drag the wireless router nearby HP Printer setup.
    5. Get a similar network connection type to all the connected devices.
    6. Further, using the HP Printer control panel, hold the wireless button.
    7. Wait till the printer recognize the setup through flash.
    8. Select the wireless wizard option and select the preferred HP printer name from the devices list.
    9. The required printer name is not available, enter the particulars manual setup with suitable keywords.
    10. At last, the HP Smart Tank Plus 651 Wireless setup is prepared to do the print job.

    HP Smart App for HP Smart Tank Plus 651

    HP Smart App is a direct application that can be easily downloaded using Play-store. Using this HP Smart app application you can perform Print, Copy, Scan, and Mobile fax. Switch to remote users.
    1. Using the web, open the App Store or web page, and enter HP Smart App.
    2. HP Smart app home page will be visible. Using that page, click on the Plus sign to couple the HP Printer to it.
    3. Then, pick the desired HP printer from the list of printers’ names.
    4. With the help of On-screen prompts, complete the printer setup. Now, the HP printer will link to the home page.
    5. Start printing the preferred document or photo using HP Smart Tank Plus 651 HP Smart app setup.

    HP Smart Tank Plus 651 WPS PIN Setup

    1. Initiate the Wireless setup using the wireless router. Place it near the HP printer to achieve problem-free access.
    2. Then, pick the setup option on the connected HP Printer control panel.
    3. Further, choose the wireless option and instantly hold the push-button for a second.
    4. Use the start option and hold the wireless button to register the printer wireless network.
    5. Now, hold the Wi-Fi button on the active router. If requested, enter the WPS credentials to the demanding field.
    6. Finally, the HP Smart Tank Plus 651 printer is directly ready with the Wi-Fi Protected setup.

    HP printer Plus 651 Wi-Fi Direct Setup

    Wi-Fi direct setup is the direct form of connection without any connecting devices. Simply get connected to the Wi-Fi Direct option to connect without a Wi-Fi router from anywhere. Bring the technology to your aside.

    Windows 10

    1. First, open the Windows 10 computer, and on the search tab, type Wireless.
    2. Using the responded page, click on the Manage wireless network option.
    3. With the help of the Manage wireless network setup page, click on the Add option
    4. Then, choose the preferred Wi-Fi direct or Wi-Fi type name and type the passcode.
    5. If the needed name is not seen, provide the Wi-Fi Direct details manually.
    6. Finally, HP Smart Tank Plus 651 printer Wi-Fi Direct setup on Windows10 is ready to access the printing process.


    1. Initially, place the wireless router close to the HP printer setup to attain high signal strength.
    2. Move to the main input tray and load enough paper to it by adjusting the paper width gauge.
    3. On the Mac, select the Wireless icon and pick the HP printer with Wi-Fi direct option.
    4. Specify the Mac Wi-Fi direct password if credentials are requested.
    5. At last, the HP Smart Tank Plus 651 printer Wi-Fi direct setup is ready to use with Mc support.
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