The scanner doesn't work on the HP Deskjet 4130 printer

Do not hit the panic button when the HP Deskjet 4130 scanner doesn’t work. To be able to help you in the process of resolving the HP Deskjet 4130 scanner issues, we have added instructions below to assist in the process. Or, you also have the option of getting in touch with us to get in touch with us to help resolve the printer issues. Check the scanner bed
  1. Move over to the scanner and check thescanner bed.
  2. Note that there should be no debris or otherforeign objects.
  3. This could obstruct the scanning process onthe HP Deskjet 4130.
  4. The document placed on the scanner should bealigned well for the best results.
Align the document accurately
  1. Note that the document placed on the HPDeskjet 4130 scanner should be placed accurately.
  2. The document should be aligned using theguidelines on the scanner bed.
  3. Use the settings options for the best scanresults on the HP Deskjet 4130.
Check the wireless connection
  1. If there is a communication error betweenthe HP Deskjet 4130 scanner and the device, then check the wirelessconnection.
  2. The printer and the device should be on thesame wireless connection.
  3. The connection should be active and itshould be functioning at the right speed.
  4. Check the connection and its stability andrectify it accordingly.
Update the scan driver
  1. There could be an issue with the scannerdriver. Look for an update.
  2. The check can be completed in the settingsapp of the device or on the website.
  3. Complete the process by updating the HPDeskjet 4130 scan driver.
  4. Complete a check after the changes have beenmade to the HP Deskjet 4130 scan driver.
Uninstall the HP Deskjet 4130 scan driver
  1. If there seems to be an issue with the HPDeskjet 4130 scanner, even after the update, proceed below.
  2. Uninstall the HP Deskjet 4130 scan driverfrom the device using the Service app.
  3. Move over to the HP Support page anddownload the HP Deskjet 4130 scan driver.
  4. Install the driver on the device and proceedto take a final check.
If there are further issues with the HP Deskjet 4130 scanner, then you can contact us for further assistance.
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