Where is the WPS PIN on HP Deskjet 2752 printer?

Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) Pin is one of the ways to connect the printer wirelessly using the user’s stable network access/connection. Make use of the correct network credentials to connect wireless setup with the wireless router support. Bring the wireless router nearby the printer to enhance the printing work effectively.

Prior, we know HP Deskjet 2752 is an All-in-one printer setup that can vastly perform effortless printing work using the intact and proper wireless configuration setup. To print safely, download & install the required HP Deskjet 2752 driver software to the system using the HP Official page. 

We have simple proceedings to find the WPS Pin on the desired printer with easy way. You can get support from the HP Deskjet 2752 Manual to locate the WPS setup-related configuration sources.

Make use of the given steps to find the HP Deskjet 2752 printer’s WPS PIN:

  • Initially, turn on the respective HP Printer and ensure with the input tray has sufficient quality paper sheets to proceed next.
  • Ensure with the Wi-Fi light is not blinking on the printer control panel.
  • Then, you need to Press & Hold the information and Wireless button at the same time until you find the printer sends the command to launch the print work.
  • Once you recognize the printer start the printing page. Release the finger from the respective buttons and proceed next.
  • Wait until the printing sheet comes out automatically from the output tray. Don’t disturb or pull the printing sheet from the printer tray.
  • Take the printout and check for the WPS Pin code printed on it.
  • Now, you can note it down or else, directly specify it on the web-router configuration field to initiate the wireless setup using the HP Deskjet 2752 printer setup.
  • Move on with the WPS Pin within the limited seconds. Or else, your code will be notified as invalid or outdated.
  • Make sure with the entered WPS Pin and this Pin is the one-time user purpose.
  • Now, you must ensure with the network connection and can start the print work by selecting a document to be printed from the compatible system.
  • Hit the print option and move on with the wireless settings and network credentials.
  • For the proficient quality printout- bring the wireless router nearby the printer setup.
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